• Chose your Accounting Software

    ARAN Accounting

    An accounting program designed and provided based on international standards and international accounting principles that can be easily used in all places that do business and services. And easily benefit from the benefits of this program.

  • Design your mental ideas

    Website Design

    Having a professional website is essential for any business; Because most people go to the online space to meet even the smallest needs; So, in order not to lose more customers, it is better to get a professional website as soon as possible.

  • Revolutionize your Advertising


    Creating an animation teaser is a powerful and very productive method. Due to the unreal nature of the animation teaser, creativity has no limits and you can implement new ideas in this type of advertising teaser. Animation is more effective than normal videos. Advertising teaser animation has up to 4.5 times more impact on the mind compared to traditional and normal advertising videos.


We provide these services

Create professional websites

Web Site Design

Creating professional websites and web applications using the latest and modern technologies of the world for various fields of work is a suitable way to enter the professional world.

Installing VOIP technology

VOIP technology

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

Create Desktop & Mobile App

Database Application

Creating professional and modern software with database capabilities for desktop and mobile in all fields to manage your business and economic activities.

Installation of GPS Tracking system

GPS tracking system

GPS tracking requires a tracking device to be installed in a vehicle, on an asset, or to be worn by a person. The device then provides information about its exact location and subsequent movements, enabling tracking in real-time.

Creating beautiful and professional

motion graphics and animations

Creating beautiful and professional motion graphics and animations to introduce your business by introducing your products and services in a beautiful way.

Consulting in the fields of IT solutions

Consulting services

Providing consulting services at a high level in the fields of setting up computerized financial systems as well as comprehensive solutions for setting up networks and IT communication systems.

Our Ready Products

Our Products

Our products represent our knowledge, ability and experience in the field of making and developing desktop, mobile and web application software.

Who Are We?

We are a team of experts in software, hardware and art sciences, who aim to use these specialties to create, realize and transform smart ideas into unique works, services and products, with the aim of helping the human society. In this way, we invite all those who have the same goal to join us.

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Websites and related activities

Selling File & digital Content


A website with authority in Kurdish language for selling digital files, including layered graphic files, video projects and audio books, digital books, etc.

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